MSA services can be divided into three major groups. The first area is strategy design and facilitation. The second area is education and training, and the final area is projects.

Strategy Design and Facilitation

Market Strategy Associates can facilitate strategy design and implementation sessions. We can design a client's strategy or, more importantly, help clients design strategy through active facilitation. Active facilitation includes pre-session planning, design and implementation of strategy session, and post-session analysis. MSA associates have designed and facilitated a large number of very successful strategy sessions for our clients. There are two further advantages in utilizing MSA associates to facilitate your strategy sessions. First, an effective facilitator can encourage active participation from all members of the strategy team. Second, expert but neutral observers can provide important and objective feedback to the group.

Education and Training

Since MSA associates are educators, training is one of the most important services of our firm. Our training is aimed at very senior executives and upper level managers. We offer very short one-hour seminars to five-day seminars, and we conduct seminars on most major functional areas. All of our seminars include:

  • An understanding of the impact of customer, supplier, competitor, technology, and regulatory impact on the firm's market space and strategy.
  • The opportunity to meet leading thought leaders in areas of interest to our clients.
  • An examination of best practice strategies.
  • Aids to identifying new opportunities and strategies.


MSA associates have conducted a large number of projects for our clients. Typically, the projects deal with strategy and implementation. MSA can conduct projects on most "burning platform" issues. Our projects have included:

  • Corporate Strategy Creation and Facilitation
  • Designing and Implementing Market Orientation Strategy
  • Supply Chain Design in the Era of Ubiquitous Information
  • Customer Satisfaction Strategy Design and Implementation
  • Design, Measurement, and Implementation of Best Practice Processes
  • Global Entry Strategy and Implementation
  • Retail Strategy Design and Implementation
  • New Product Design Strategy
  • Enhancing Corporate Innovativeness
  • Design and Implementation of eCommerce Strategies